Thursday, January 7, 2010

Souvenir & Gift : Bunga Telur@Pahar

Tempahan lain-lain jenis untuk bunga telur / bunga pahar juga diterima seperti dip, stokin, organza…dan lain-lain.

~~~Tema warna mengikut kesukaan anda~~~
~~~Min order 50 btg : RM5.00 per pcs~~~

Untuk Tempahan...

* Please give us ample time to prepare your orders...sekurang-kurangnya 2 bulan sebelum majlis bagi kuantiti 50 bunga telur/bunga pahar

Keterangan lanjut sila hubungi melalui email / call / SMS, kami sedia membantu


Untuk Tahun 2010 AzzuaCreations memperkenalkan servis online & secara pos menjahit & memotong baju kurung tradisional.

Berminat untuk tempahan sila hubungi untuk keterangan lanjut ke atau sms / text @ 019-2385817



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Job Orders for 2010

Dear All,

Below are our lists of confirmed booking job order for the year 2010.

Jan - Fully Booked
Feb - Fully Booked
Mar - Fully Booked
Apr - Fully Booked
May - Fully Booked
Jun - Fully Booked

July - Available
Aug - Available
Sep - Available
Oct - Available
Nov - Fully Booked
Dec - Fully Booked

'Give Love & Passion To Your Idea Creation'

TQ & Best Regards,


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fruits In The Basket


Price :RM30.00
+++Fresh Fruits+++
+++Basket & Decorations Ribbon+++

Thank you to Puan Asni for trusting and ordered with Azzua Creations.
We cater per your requested & budget.

Interested ? Place your order with your range of budget.

Persalinan Untuk Disewa
Salam Semua Berminat untuk menyewa baju bagi majlis pertunangan, nikah atau perkahwinan

Do not hesitate to contact Azzua Creations for any enquiry and further details @ send email to

Happy Viewing !

Gubahan Hantaran - Gold & Silver

Gold & Silver


A lil bit entry specially dedicated to our customer Faiz & Kamilia.

This was done in 2006 , baru dpt pics from them, done for my customer in Raub, Pahang.

So sorry for late update due at that time I’ve no camera to shoot for their gubahan hantaran one by one item.

Therefore herewith some of the pics that I’ve got and I will update the rest of the pictures later... but anyway Congratulations to Faiz & Kamilia

Catch you later !

For those interested, please email to

We will cater your gubahan hantaran as per your wish within you budget range.



Gubahan Hantaran - Red & White


Check out hantaran done for Wawa, Shah Alam.
Red & White Ideas for her engagement day.

For more detail and quotation, kindly email

Best regards, AzzuaCreations

Gubahan Hantaran - Chocolate Gold

Lama betul simpan pics nie, tak upload langsung hasil kerja walau apa pun tak salah mencuba kan... From my opinion this a platform to introduce our creative work, compilation of products & service to those interested out there.

For now AzzuaCreations still in the process of promoting our label and exploring new great ideas to cater for all our potential customers' needs. I do hope for all your support and please keep browsing for our page with more new ideas in future.

Happy Viewing ! Sesiapa berminat untuk tempahan sila hubungi:-

Wedding Door Gifts - Brownies in the box

Brownies in the Box

This entry is especially dedicated to our customer, newly wedding couple Nazmi & Farah Nadia for their solemnisation door gifts items.

Congratulations to both of you…SELAMAT DIIJAB KABUL…
Millions of thanks for trusting and order with us these yummieess licious brownies in the box as your event door gifts items.

Event : Solemnisation Ceremony
Date : 16th October 2009
Location : Taman Maluri, Cheras
Couple : Nazmi & Farah Nadia

Thank you for your orders and support again!

Interested for orders, please do not hesitate to contact with us for further details


Engagement : Ina & Adha

Basket Decor with Stokin' Flowers

This entry dedicated to our client Norazlina Abdul Jalil from Rawang.
Congratulations for your engagement dated last 6th Dec 2009.
The picture taken from Ina's photo too, thank you so much.

Lovely soft pink theme colour. She ordered from me love shape basket decor with button flower stokin in soft baby pink.

So sweet...hope you like it with my handmade work.
Happy viewing ya!

For those interested to order, please do contact me for further details.


Gubahan- Eina & Fakhri

Wedding : Eina & Fakhri
Entry specially dedicated to our customer for their big day. Congratulations to both of you…SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU
Event : Reception Date : 6th December 2009
Location : Taman Paya Dalam, Melaka
Couple : Eina & Fakhri
Theme Colour : Red Maroon & White
Millions of thanks for trusted & hired with us for your Gubahan Hantaran, VIP & Guest Goodies/Gifts, Pengantin’s Room Décor and Wedding Invitation Cards.
Interested for orders, please do not hesitate to contact with us. AzzuaCreations

Bakul Mengkuang with Decor (Butterfly)

Anda tiada idea dan masa untuk menghias & décor cenderahati majlis anda? Usah bimbang, kami sedia membantu anda! Menerima tempahan menghias dan membuat cenderahati bagi sebarang majlis / event perkhawinan, pertunangan, cukur jambul dan sebagainya mengikut warna tema pilihan anda.

Sila buat tempahan anda 2 bulan sebelum tarikh majlis / event.

Berminat sila hubungi kami @ AzzuaCreations

Handmade Uncang Gifts

Handmade Uncang Gifts suitable for your event with varities of colour.
Material using china broket silk fabric.

Size : 5" x 3" Quantity : 50 units = RM1.00@unit (minimum order)
Colour : Assorted range of colours *as per requested orders of your theme / event colour

Notes : Kindly confirm your order 3 months before delivery date or events
Confirmed orders : 50% deposit Delivery date :
: Balance of 50%
Payment methods : Maybank2u (account will be advice later once confirmed of orders)


Contact me @ AzzuaCreations (

So Long Farwell 2009 Welcome 2010

Happy New Year 2010 wishes to all my supporters for AzzuaCreations especially customers, viewers, family & friends. May all PROSPEROUS ~HAPPINESS~HEALTHY will brings to small biz of mine this year of 2010. Looking forward all your support to make this blog improve for a better and better from year to year.

"Give Love & Passion To Your Idea Creation"