Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Engagement Aisha & Asri


Hi! Short update for my 2nd Mission in June’10. Done accordingly & BRAVO!!!!!!
We’ll update all pics. in shortly for your viewing & comments. At the moments we still in editing process. Tunggu……….

What energetic colour selection from Aisha…Bright Orange & Black.
The results look really BOLD~RICH~FRESH...ya! 

Event : Engagement
Date : 6th June 2010
Location : Dengkil, Cyberjaya Selangor
Couple : Aisha & Asri
Theme Colour : Bright Orange & Black

Thank you so much to Echa believed & hired our services "GUBAHAN HANTARAN, MINI PELAMIN & DECO FOR THE GOODIES. We hope that we can look forward next job for your BIG DAY…. 

Lastly AzzuaCreations wishing Aisha & Asri… Congratz & Selamat Bertunang.

Those interested do not hesitate to text/email/call us for discussion & appointment. We’ll try very hard to help you to listen & execute to make it happen for your special event.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Colourful Lollipops

Colourful Lollipops as your goodies for any occasions - wedding gifts / birthday party / baby shower just named it.
You can place your orders now !!!

*Minimum order 50 pcs

Please text / e-mail / call to me for further details and quote price.

Azzua Othman

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Engagement : Sheida & Syukri

Hi! it seems quite sometimes I'm in silent mode from any post or upload pics in FP.
Really bz preparing gubahan hantaran & mini pelamin ordered from customers.
Coming up next will be entry dedicated to beloved Sheida for her engagement day.
I really adored the combination these two pastel colours pink & purple SO SWEET...
Thanks a lot for being trusted & hired our services "GUBAHAN HANTARAN & MINI PELAMIN" for your engagement day.
Last but not lease Congratz & Selamat Bertunang...

Event : Engagement
Date : 30th May 2010
Location : Melaka
Couple : Sheida & Syukri
Theme Colour : Pink & Purple

Those interested to place your order do not hesitate to text/email/call us ya!